November 14, 2017


While we never encourage leftovers when it comes to your favorite bottle of wine, we have heard that sometimes, a bottle needs to be saved once opened. (I know, we were shocked, too.)

There is a degree of subjectivity when a person says that a wine is “bad,” but there are still a few things to be aware of when pouring a glass.

  1. As a general rule, if the wine bottle has been open for over a week, toss it. Except fortified dessert wines. Those can last up to 4-6 weeks once opened! Screw cap wines can hold a little longer than cork, unless you have a tool to remove the air from the bottle, like the vacuum pump available on our website:https://www.browerfamilywines.com/collections/all-gifts/products/kuissential-wine-saver-vacuum-pump-with-4-stoppers
  2. Does it smell funky? Anything that evokes an air of wetness or mold is a bad sign. Your wine is probably corked, and while it is still safe to drink, it certainly will not be enjoyable to do so.
  3. Is it the right color? Brown is not the best color for wines - in fact, both red and white wines can take on a brownish hue once exposed to air, and that means it has been oxidized...it has become a tired, bland, bitter version of its once glorious self. There is a level of oxidation with every wine - but a young one should maintain its color.
  4. Inspect the cork - it can give you some clues. If the cork has been pushed out of the bottle, even slightly, the wine has probably overheated.
  5. Is there fizz - but it’s not a sparkling wine? This means your wine has gone through a secondary fermentation. Great for Champagne, not so much for still wines.


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