November 06, 2017

Couples who drink together stay together

Many would argue this is true and we’re here to offer some of our suggestions for why that may be. Here are our seven reasons to why wine could improve your current relationship!

1)  You’ll have something in common

No, not drinking, well that too but we’re talking about the conversation you can have over a glass of red wine.  We’re talking about sharing each other’s opinion on the bottle that’s in front of you; what does one or the other smell and taste like, what do you think about the wine – This bottle was built off conversation and will continue to inspire it as well.

2) Helps each other’s heart

Yes, you love them with all your heart well that vino will also make sure you both stay alive longer. A glass a day can keep the doctor away because it has been proven that red wine reduces the risk of heart disease as well as other health benefits.

3) Makes you slow down

Wine wasn’t meant to chug, you sip wine and enjoy each note and leg that it has to offer. As society continues to get faster and more demanding of time it is nice to relax and slow down for once. Wine will make you appreciate and focus on the now and what’s in front of you – which is each other!

4) You’ll learn something together

Whether you are visiting a vineyard, tasting room or possibly sitting at your house, each wine has a different story that both of you can learn about. One of the greatest parts of a relationship are gaining new experiences with one another and will cause excitement and keep discovery and exploration fresh and alive!

5) You’ll be together longer

You heard us right, you’ll be together longer since you’re being proactive in reducing your cholesterol. The antioxidants in red wine help keep blood vessels flexible and reduce unwanted clotting. We’re combating free radicals here and with red wine having more antioxidants than cinnamon, acai, blueberries and pomegranate juice you’ll be consuming wine with all three meals a day.

6) It’ll make you more social

Communication is said to be one of the most important parts of a healthy relationship and after a couple glasses of wine you’ll be an open book. It’s not a coincidence that all holidays and parties typically have wine because it initiates casual conversations and could be the catalyst to those deeper discussions.  

7) You’ll dance more

Let’s be honest, when you drink you like to shake, rattle and roll! Expressing with the movements of your body can be more revealing than a deep conversation; grab a glass of champagne and let’s hit the dance floor!

Final Thoughts

It is said, where there is love there is life and we all know the secret to life is being happy; so, order a bottle or case from Brower Family Wines and continue to share your passion for life and wine together. Life is too short to drink bad  wine!


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