November 01, 2017

 5 Reasons a Wine Advent Calendar is Great for The Holidays

The Advent Calendar As Your Solution To The Holiday Party

Frankly, the holidays are stressful enough as is. Let us take a few things off your mind this year so you can save yourself from a few extra hours in a mall parking lot. Here are some ways to repurpose the advent calendar to meet your holiday needs.

1. Hostess Gifts: Hacked

    Picture this: it’s 5:30 pm, you’re dashing out of the office. You have just 1.5 hours to purchase and wrap a hostess gift, get the kids from after-school care, get ready for the holiday party, and make it through the dense freeway traffic. Oh yeah, and don't forget trying to get something related to vegetables in your families belly.

    Does this sound familiar? Is your heart racing a bit?

    Hack the hostess gift this year, and save on wines at every price point.

    Now Picture this: It’s 5:30, you pick the kids up, change into party attire, grab a pre-wrapped bottle of wine from the Advent Calendar box and have time to stop for a quick caffeine pick-me-up while you enjoy your evening out.

    There are enough bottles in this advent calendar to cover all of your holiday parties -- and enough variety to cover the different needs of everyone.

    2. Holiday Party: Easy Mode

    Stop worrying about your party favours for your holiday party. Just set out the conveniently pre-wrapped bottles out this year and tell everyone to take one. Whatever they get, they will get to enjoy a handcrafted wine that they’re sure to enjoy.


    Order two calendars, and let people taste a little of each and take home their favourites. You're Holiday Parties will be remembered for decades. 

    3. Adult-Christmas: One-and-done.

    Order one advent calendar, and send two 12-days of Christmas to the various in-law's houses. Just send us an email after purchase with the desired shipping addresses, and what you’d like the card to say.

    Or just start passing the pre-wrapped bottles around during the big-family-tree-opening. Whatever they receive, they'll get a handcrafted bottle of wine pre-wrapped. Finally, a gift they’ll actually love.

    4. Treat Yo’ Self

    • This is the most affordable way to try a lot of wines all at once from the comfort of your home.
    • You’re getting great value for the money -- the M06 Millesime, Black Nova, Private Reserve Merlot, and American Thread line alone would run you almost the same as the entire calendar.
    • Build up your wine collection fast.
    • Besides, wine probably does not count as calories from Nov. 1 to Jan. 1….

    5. Bonus Points:

    Give out most of the wine throughout the holidays. 

    Then keep a bottle of Prosecco for Christmas Morning Mimosas, and keep a bottle of M06 for New Years -- the best way to start the New Year. 

    These two bottles alone would run you over a 


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