October 23, 2017

Why Royalty Red Should Be Your Go-To Wine 

4 Reasons to Love Royalty Red 

Royalty Red is the brain-child of now owner Bobby Brower and long time winemaker Bill Anderson, in 2010 we came out with our first vintage of the now hit-seller. We have long since been winning over the hearts and mouths of people the nation over. In fact, in the last few months, we’ve even had a few customers all the way from the EU inquiring about the delicious red. Our winemaker calls it his favorite because of the

“The ability to explore the possibilities of excellence"
          Bill Anderson

  • Exquisitely layered dark rich red wine with a yummy factor

  • As our winemaker is able to choose the highest quality wines and blend them together to create an exceptional drinking experience at an affordable price every sip is complex and layered.

    • This year, we were able mix Pinot Noir from Monterey County’s Santa Lucia Highlands AVA, a 12-mile stretch of benchland renowned for producing wines of character and complexity.
  • The winemaker's favorite because there is the opportunity to present the best tasting wine available to you.

  • Royalty Red is like a big box of chocolates, every sip is delicious and unique. We bring this complex flavor load to you by hand selecting the highest quality wines and blending them to bring out the best flavors of each.  

  • Complex flavor profile makes it perfect to pair with many foods

  • Can’t figure out what to serve with dinner? Break out a bottle of Royalty Red, a wine with this many flavors is sure to bring out the best of your meal without competing.

    • Royalty Red makes an incredible Mulled Wine.
    • Making Italian? Don’t forget to grab a bottle of Royalty Red.
  • Great value for the money

  • Drink like Royalty (Red) on any budget. Every sip is unmatchable. We’ll find the best value for the price, so you can sit back and enjoy a chocolate box of flavors. What else could you ask for?

    Red Wine Pouring

    Final Thoughts

    Royalty Red is an all purpose red wine that is perfect for every occasion. If you’re looking for something with complex flavors, a full aroma, and an everyday table wine at a great price then this is the way to go.Grab a bottle today, and enjoy!


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